What You Need to Know About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are an alternative that is available to patients instead of partial dentures. It is actually called a fixed removable denture. When one or more teeth are missing, the dental bridge can be used as a replacement to fill in the gap.

Missing teeth not only affect how you feel about yourself, but they can prove to be a problem to your remaining teeth. When there are missing teeth in the jaw, the teeth around that gap can start to shift. Not only can the teeth in the affected jaw move around, so can the teeth from the opposing jaw.

Because shifted misalign teeth are harder to clean, this can lead to tooth decay and potentially more tooth loss. All of this movement can actually change the shape of your face. For this and many other reasons, getting some type of dental appliance in place as soon as possible is extremely important.

After you have decided on a fixed dental bridge (read about our San Diego fixed dental bridges), you will need to schedule a couple of appointments with your dentist. The first appointment will deal with tooth prep. Your dentist will shape the two teeth at either end of the gap. These will be used to fix the dental bridge in place.

An impression is taken of the teeth and sent to a lab so the bridge can be created. The dentist can provide you with a temporary bridge until the permanent one is ready. The bridge is made with ceramics and metal.

At the second appointment, the bridge will be glued in place. Though dental bridges are very durable, depending on how old you are when you first get them, you may need to replace it at some point. To keep them looking good and functioning for as long as possible, good dental hygiene is important. If the supporting teeth or jawbone are compromised by dental disease, the bridge can fail. Dentists recommend brushing and flossing twice a day to maintain good dental health and keep the bridge functioning for a long time. Make sure to floss under the dental bridge as well to remove any debris that may have become stuck. Your dentist office can suggest a good flossing tool to accomplish this task. Regular dental checkups should be part of your routine dental care.

An experienced San Diego dentist can review all of the options available to you for tooth replacements. There are dentures, implants, crowns and bridges, and all of these are reliable choices for any patient. The one that is right for you will need to be a decision made after you and your dentist have had a discussion about your situation and expectations.

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